Friday, March 23, 2007

Detailed Train and Matching Microscale Train

Name of Model: American 4-4-0 , Mini
Created by: savatheaggie
Found at: and
This is a bit gimmicky, but it's a gimmick that never seems to get old. It's a little microscale train that fits on the flatbed of the minifig-scale train it looks like! The larger version of this wood-burning steam locomotive is well-done as well. Note the use of half-wide Technic beams and Town wrenches on the wheels and the way that a small window was used for the large front light. It's also interesting that the motor element is in the back of the vehicle instead of the front - allowing for more details on the locomotive, but probably offering a bumpier ride to passengers. The shovel on the front is also quite unusual. A close look at the Brickshelf gallery reveals that there's even some trickery to the steering geometry (which isn't something most LEGO train builders worry about).

The lettering on the regular-size train appears to have been done by "cheating" with a custom sticker.

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