Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bridging Sydney

Name of Model: Bridging Sydney
Created by: Ross Crawford
Found at:
This LEGO reproduction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built to celebrate the bridge's 75th anniversary. The assembly was part of the lead-in to the Museum of Sydney's Australia Day event. Someone at the museum somehow heard that Ross Crawford had made such a model in the past and made arrangements with LEGO Australia to have parts provided for a new model (the first attempt at the bridge had since been dismantled). The bridge is made primarily out of large LEGO Technic pieces, but a bit of complex angle work was done to make the long and straight beams look like the curved bridge. The use of such large beams and difficult construction techniques also makes the bridge extremely sturdy. This model's impressive size and use of somewhat hard-to-find parts set it apart. You can see this model in person at the Museum of Sydney's "Bridging Sydney" exhibition through 29th April 2007. Additional photos are available at this model's Brickshelf page and the Brickshelf directory documenting the building process further.

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