Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Info: Nominating a Model for LEGO® Model of the Day

If you would like to send in your model, your kid's model, or a model you saw elsewhere and thought my readers would like to see, you can! Here is how you can nominate a model to be my unofficial LEGO® model of the day:

  1. Make sure that the model has a webpage. This can be a page on a popular image-hosting website or a dedicated webpage with a write-up and pictures. The more info is available about a model, the better, but please don't send in anything that doesn't have a webpage we can link to and a picture that we can show.
  2. Make sure that it is clear who the model was made by. We will not link to sites that do not credit a model's builder. Screen names are just as good as full names as far as we're concerned. We just want to make sure the builder gets proper credit for what they do. We will make exceptions in rare cases when it looks like a model may have been done for a company (The LEGOLAND Parks, for example, rarely credit individual employees for models on their premises). If you are sending in a child's model, you may also send in the age of the builder - we'd like to show the world examples of ordinary kids building extraordinary models.
  3. Make sure that the model was actually made out of LEGO® elements. Off-brand products do not work with the same color schemes, geometries, and specialized components, and as such, are entirely different building systems that are of no relevance to this blog. We will allow for some mild cheating (say, a sticker added to a model to provide more detail, or maybe an unofficial piece of string in a situation where the official LEGO® string doesn't work so well), but we must insist that there be no off-brand products used.

  4. If the model meets all of the above guidelines, feel free to send anything you can about the model to legomodeloftheday@gmail.com

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